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2008. Mabi Revuelta (Cv)


Her work has recently been seen in different group exhibitions, in places like the Tallinn Art Hall in Estonia, the Museum Akureyri in Iceland and the Museum of Sex in New York. Her last two solo exhibitions took place in 2007 in the Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria-Gasteiz, and in the Museum Euskal Herria, Gernika, respectively. Since 2005, her work can be seen in the Internet site

The work of Mabi Revuelta can be found in the following Museums and Collections: International Museum of Women, San Francisco, California; Foundation Marcelino Botín; ARTIUM, Basque Contemporary Art Centre-Museum; Museum of Navarra; Spanish Youth Institute; Regional Government of Vizcaya; Local Council of Muskiz; Regional Government of Segovia; Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country; Municipal Arts and Science Association of Balmaseda, and more recently, the Foundation BilbaoArte.

EDUCATION2006·    Workshop of Gil Shachar. Bilbaoarte2003·    International Studio & Curatorial Programme. New York, USA1996·    Sculpture workshop of Maria Luisa Fernandez. Arteleku, San Sebastián, Spain1994·    Painting workshop of Mitsuo Miura. Arteleku, San Sebastián, Spain1992-1990·    Third Cycle at the University of the Basque Country,1990.·    B.A. degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country

AWARDS AND GRANTS2008·    KREA Artistic Creation Grant. Caja Vital Kutxa. Vitoria, Spain

2005·    Artistic Creation Support Grant. Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria, Spain

2004·    Artists in residence Grant. Foundation Bilbaoarte, Bilbao, Spain

2002·    Plastic Arts Grant. Foundation Marcelino Botín. Artists-in-residence in the International Studio & Curatorial Programme. New York, USA

2001·    Audiovisual Creation Support Grant. Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria, Spain

1999·    Acquisition of work in the 2nd Navarra Sculpture Award. Museum of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

1998·    Creation Grant. Foundation BBK, Vizcaya, Spain

1997·    Acquisition of work in the 1st Navarra Sculpture Award. Museum of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

1996·    Young Art Fair. Youth Institute. Madrid, Spain

1994·    Ertibil-Bizkaia Plastic Arts Award. Acquisition of work by the Regional Government of Vizcaya, Spain

1993·    Plastic Arts Grant. Regional Government of Vizcaya, Spain

1992·    Artistic Creation Support Grant. Regional Government of Vizcaya, Spain·    First Prize at the 10th Painting Competition of the Local Council of Muskiz

1991·    Ertibil-Bizkaia Plastic Arts Award

1990·    El Paular Grant. Regional Government of Segovia and Faculty of Fine Arts of Bilbao, Spain·    Ertibil-Vizcaya Plastic Arts Award. Vizcaya, Spain

LATEST SOLO EXHIBITIONSExhibitions with available catalogue or publication2007·    Diamantes en bruto. Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria, Spain·    Los amantes ilusorios. Museum Euskal Herria, Guernica, Vizcaya, Spain

2005·    Los amantes ilusorios. UPV-EHU, BBK Etxea, Bilbao, Spain·    My Favorite Dress of Nothing. Bastero, Andoain, Vizcaya, Spain·    Bilbao 37, Valencia 633. Gallery Valle Ortí, Valencia. Exhibition with Txuspo Poyo. Valencia, Spain

2004·    The Unlikely Butterflies. PhotoEspaña. Gallery Raquel Ponce. Madrid, Spain

2002·    Pearls. Sala Juana Francés, Zaragoza, Spain·    Cream. Gallery Vanguardia, Bilbao, Spain

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (SELECTION)2007·    49th edition Zinebi International Film Festival, EBA Video Cycle. Museum of Fine Arts, Bilbao, Spain·    Extraños en el Paraíso. Contemporary Photography in the Basque Country. Cervantes Institute in Pekin, China·    Objeto de Réplica. ARTIUM, Basque Contemporary Art Centre-Museum, Vitoria, Spain·       TV Jam. Intervenciones TV. Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria, Spain·       ARCO 07. Gallery Raquel Ponce and Gallery Valle Ortí Madrid, Spain

2006    ·    Art Salamanca Fair. Gallery Raquel Ponce·    ¡Preparados!, ¡Listos! ¡Clic! Posturas, pose y disposición en la fotografía contemporánea. Santa Bárbara Castle, Alicante, Spain·    Circa Puerto Rico Art Fair. Gallery Espacio Líquido. Puerto Rico·    Dancing, Videomix programme, curated by Susana Blas. La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain·    ARCO 06. Gallery Raquel Ponce and Gallery Valle Ortí. Madrid, Spain

2005·    Sense in Place. Site-ations International, Europe 2005. Model & Niland Gallery, Sligo, Ireland·    Women of the World: a global collection of art. Contemporary Art Centre, New Orleans, USA·    Art Cologne. Gallery Vanguardia·    Art Forum Berlin. Gallery Vanguardia, Belin, Germany·    X Pamplona Plastic Arts Biennale. Sala Conde de Rodezno, Pamplona, Spain·    Valencia Art. Gallery Valle Ortí, Valencia, Spain·    ARCO 05. Gallery Vanguardia and Gallery Raquel Ponce Madrid, Spain·    Naturaleza muerta en el tiempo. Palacio de las Cigüeñas, Cáceres, Spain

2004·    Residentes. Bilbaoarte, Bilbao, Spain·    Itinerarios. Foundation Marcelino Botín, Santander, Spain·    Women of the World: a global collection of art. Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia; Akureyri Museum, Iceland; Gerdenburg Cultural Centre, Reykjavik; Cultural Centre, City of Athens, Greece·    Get off: Exploring the Pleasure Principle. Museum of Sex, New York, USA·    Rumbos. La colección III. ARTIUM, Basque Contemporary Art Centre-Museum, Vitoria, Spain·    ARCO 04, Madrid. Gallery Vanguardia

2003·    Open Studio Exhibition at ISCP, New York, USA·    Women of the World: a global collection of art. International Museum of Women, San Francisco; Mobile Museum, Alabama; Brenau University, Georgia. USA·    ARCO 03. Gallery Vanguardia. Madrid, Spain·    Adquisiciones recientes. ARTIUM, Basque Contemporary Art Centre-Museum, Vitoria, Spain·    Generación 2003. La Casa Encendida, Madrid·    La colección. ARTIUM, Basque Contemporary Art Centre-Museum, Vitoria, Spain

2002·    Proyecto espacios. Spanish Cultural Centre. San José, Costa Rica·    5+2. Spanish Cultural Centre. Havana, Cuba·    Women of the World. Women´s Art Gallery, Ohio; Museum of the Southwest, Texas. USA·    Placeres distintos. Los lunes de La Fábrica. Madrid, Spain·    VIDEOS XX: Femeninos, feminismos. PhotoEspaña. Casa de América, Madrid, Spain·    NewArt. llery Vanguardia Barcelona, Spain·    Navarra International Audiovisual Creation Festival, Pamplona, Spain·    ARCO 02. Gallery Vanguardia.Madrid, Spain·    II Contemporary Pottery Competition. Museum of Teruel, Spain

2001·    North by North, Contemporary videos. 4 floor gallery Islington Mill, Salford, United Kingdom·    Women of the World: a global collection of art. Volvo Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden·    University of Maryland; University of New England, Maine; Tucson Museum, Arizona, EEUU·    Leda vuela. Sala Rekalde, Bilbao; Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria, Spain·    Pornografía conceptual. Culture Centre of Abanto and Zierbena, Vizcayta, Spain

2000·    La Torre Herida por el Rayo. Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao, Spain

MISCELLANEOUS2007.·    Acquisition of the video A Day at the Races for the Consultation Collection of the Media Library of the Spanish Cultural Centre in Sao Paulo. Spanish International Co-operation Agency, AECI·    Collection of pins and safety pins for the designer Ion Fiz. Fashion show held at the Real Fábrica de Tapices. Pasarela Cibeles 07-Collection Spring-Summer 2008, Madrid·    Member of the jury in the project Intervenciones TV, of the Foundation Rodríguez

2006·    Co-imparted the videocreation workshop Amor y destino en el Puente Colgante, with Patricia Krug and Begoña Zubero. Foundation Troconiz-Santacoloma, Portugalete, Vizcaya, Spain·    Editing the video and Making off the videocreation workshop·    Editing the video Entrevistas: 50 segundos en vertical, of Txuspo Poyo·    Wardrobe and image for the campaign Gaztempresa. Caja Laboral. Bilbao, Spain·    Member of jury at the ArteZubiarte Installations Contest. Bilbao, Spain

2004·    Production design of the video 50 segundos en vertical, of Txuspo Poyo. Bilbao, Spain

2003·    Second camera unit in the video Stalker, Crossing Bridges of Txuspo Poyo. New York, USA

2001·    Collaboration in the short film 5 ganador of Aurea Martínez Fresno. 35 mm. Artistic Direction Team. Madrid, Spain

1998·    Collaboration in the dance piece Mejor haberla palmado. II New Basque Choreographers Show.  Teatro Victoria Eugenia in Donostia, Teatro Principal in Vitoria and Teatro Barakaldo

1995·    Co-ordination of Talleres Abiertos in Bilbao, with Pilar Fonseca and Sonia Rueda·    Project Lágrimas de sangre. Interventions of the artist in: Mexico City, Coyoacán, Puebla, San Miguel, Guanajuato, Pátzcuaro, Taxco, Oaxaca and San Juan Chamula. Mexico
















2008. INTERVENCIONES TV (every audiovisual work)

Audiovisual works belonging to the 2007 edition of INTERVENCIONES TV competion, which formed part of the MADRID ABIERTO 2008 program.This video was screened on Metro tv channel.




Synopsis: “…in a planet governed by women, men might even end up feeling threatened and vulnerable.”

I have redirected a series of images based on the idea of détournement, in the sense of uprooting aesthetic artefacts from their original context and diverting them towards contexts of one’s own creation. Based on the philosophy that any idea is susceptible to becoming something else, even its opposite, the entire piece would become a displacement of meaning exercise, as of the iconic and semantic elements that we attempt to dismantle.


Itziar OkarizMC CARREN + PULASKYMcCarren. 2007. static photo and voice in off. 00'56''Pulasky. 2007. static photo and voice in off. 00'41''

 McCarren is an attempt to represent a real landscape through the elements that remain on the margins of the field of vision of documentary convention. The story is a verification of a series of trivial objects that succeed one another in the landscape and are an indispensable part of a concrete experience of the place.

Pulaski establishes a connection with a place, the bridge, through the description of a past occurrence that lacks importance to any other person. It makes visible the rear part of the adverting apparatus of the billboards on the sides of the road.

They both address the subjective experience of different urban spaces.


Mabi Revuelta4 HORAS Y 56 MINUTOS2007. DVD. Colour. Pal. Estéreo. 1'54"

Internet is becoming the audiovisual home of many users, like an independent republic against conventional television. Even so, 4 hours and 56 minutes is our new television consumption record.

In the form of advertising zapping, Mabi Revuelta reflects on the future and meaning of current TV: the analogical signal against alternative on-line systems; passive advertising consumption vs. digital interaction.


Mikel Arbiza of Perros Callejeros Films   SKATEBOARDING DESDE EL CORAZÓN2006 > 2008

Second video for the company Parafernalia Skateboards ( where we can see the company’s team (Diego Doural, Blayney Hamilton and Mischa Canibal) skating with a lot of friends (Mathieu Dupuy, Dani Pérez, Samuel Dorregaray, Cristian Cortizo, Ibai Larralde, Pablo Rivera, Mateo Rotaetxe, Juanma Fernández, Iñaki Guantxe, Alain Saavedra, and others.)

The three promotional pieces ‘teasers’ presented in Madrid Abierto were specifically prepared for the competition Intervenciones TV. The long video will be finished in the course of 2008.


Andrew SeniorPUBLIC INANITY + PRIVATE INSANITY-24 HOURS2007. DV 720x576. PAL. Colour. Stéreo. 01'07''

Public Inanity reflects upon the intrusion of television into our public spaces as endlessly repeating loops of trivial content assail us from street corners. Private Insanity takes 24 hours of television and compresses both sound and images in a crescendo of sensory overload.


Maya WatanabeAUTORRES2005. 1'15". Performed by: Maya Watanabe. Camera: Martín Guerra

Autobiographical piece which borrows film dialogues which are edited, mixed and reassembled to create a narration with a new meaning.


Raúl Bajo IbáñezLA PIEL DEL LOBO2007. 3'45". Mini dv

Synopsis: " a planet governed by women, men might even end up feeling threatened and vulnerable."

La piel del lobo is a video that reflects on our concept of reality, built on the base of the images fed to us by the audiovisual media. The reality simulations gradually woven around us by the media have managed to irremissibly trap us, incapacitating us to differentiate the real, multi-form, ubiquitous and intangible reality. Trapped in this network of images, we are easy prey to its constant economic, physical, emotional and political manipulation. This video is a small contribution towards media resistance, an incitement to alter the rules of the game: the lambs will rebel, hunt the wolf down and strip its skin.


Yolanda de los BueisHIS ITV2007. PAL. 4:3. Colour Stereo. 03'18". Camera: Miles Tudor. Old man: Yolanda de los Bueis

Part I and IIIThere is a private eye in a public space.There is a public eye in a private space.There is a space that is neither private nor public.A public solitude.

Part IICertain disturbing fragments are recognised in an instant, but neither with sufficient sharpness nor time to be able to make a judgement. Their material and aesthetic features act as catalysts of desires, evoking a sense of the perverse or summoning fantasies.


Furallefalle-FAF (Vanesa Castro + Iñaki López)CUÑAS TV2003. DV. 02'13"

CUÑAS TV is an audiovisual with a positivist vision of TV.

In the form of television zapping, we find various spots and ads. The spots are of a critical and reflexive nature, on sexuality and violence on TV. The ads of an absurd advertising nature, where the everyday is sold. Thus we can see Andy Warhol advertising "garlic from La Mancha", Maria Abradelo presenting an exhibitionist child or Joe Blogs advertising his depression.