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2008. Miguel Gil (Cv)


EDUCATION2001 ·    Proven research experience Universidad Autónoma, Madrid·    Research work “The notation of Flamenco singing (applications of contemporary writing in its transcription)”

1999 ·    Doctorate courses. Universidad Autónoma, Madrid. Professors: E. Fubini. B. Lolo, E. Pujals, C. Colombatti, Martínez Veiga, A. Vicent, González Valle, García Llovera, Linaza Iglesias

1998 ·    Ministry of Education and Culture.  Bachelor’s degree in Harmony, Counterpoint and Instrumentation.·    Contemporary Music Dissemination Centre (CDMC). “Influence of Technology on Composition”. Professor: Luca Francesconi

1997 ·    Contemporary Music Dissemination Centre (CDMC). “Introduction to the Computer Tools of the CDMC”. Professor: Adolfo Núñez·    Contemporary Music Dissemination Centre (CDMC). “Musical Developments in Signal Analysis, Synthesis and Processing”. Professor: Emiliano del Cerro·    Conservatorium van Amsterdam “Electroacoustics music workshop”. Professor: Joss Zwaanenburg

1996-1997 ·    Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Post-graduate studies (two-year programme) on the following areas with maximum grade: Composition (Theo Loevendie and Daan Manneke)·    Theory of Classical Music of South India (Rafael Reina)·    International Contemporary Music Festival of Alicante. “Composition Course”. Professor: Tristan Murail·    Conservatorium van Amsterdam “Composition Seminar”. Professor: James Wood

1993 ·    Graduate of composition with Summa Cum Laude. Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA)·    Berklee College of Music “Composition Seminar”. Professor: Henke Alkema

1986 ·    Universidad Complutense, Madrid). Biology studies (4 years)

AWARDS AND GRANTS2007 ·    Villa de Madrid music prize for the project “De ida y vuelta”. City Council of Madrid

1997 ·    Research grant from the Regional Government of Andalusia

1996 ·    Grant for professional education abroad. Ministry of Education and Culture

1994 ·    Rome prize (full year). Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1993 ·    Honorary mention·    Composition competition for wind ensemble. Berklee College of Music·    Richard Levy Professional Writing Division Prize, Berklee College of Music·    Education grant for studying abroad. AIE (Association of interpreters and performers)

1992 ·    Education grant Berklee College of Music

1990 ·    Education grant for studying abroad AIE (Association of interpreters and performers)

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE2007·    Mariano Marín/Meridional Theatre and others. Production and arrangements collaborations in the sound tracks of the theatre plays “Cantando bajo las·    balas” and “Mentiras, incienso y mirra” and the feature film “Mi amigo Jesús”·    Cast/ David Lind. Voice arrangements and brass arrangements, respectively in both CDs·    Juanjo Guillem. Next publication of the work “Agua Transfigurada” in the CD “Los Elementos”

2006·    DSR productions. Composition of the music for the short film “Atado” winner of awards in Acerbajan, Ciudat del Valls and San Agustin de Guadalix.·    “De ida y vuelta” Poliamyda Records. Production, composition and interpretation of the CD “Patricia” from the music project “De ida y vuelta”. Villa de Madrid 2008 Prize.

2005·    Various musical productions for the theatre play “Pequeños Crímenes Conyugales” and mixes for different sound tracks.·    Laura Torrado Music for the documentary “Otros hogares, otras realidades” and collaboration in the art videos “Ronhaldinha” and “Thriller”.·    “Signos de Aire” Poliamyda Records·    Production, composition and interpretation of the CD “Signos de aire”

2004·    Teatro Español. Production of the children’s musical “Romeo y Julieta”·    Company “Polyamida records”. Production and arrangements of the record “Nitt” from the Senegalese group “Dhiambutu”·    Various Music for the DVD of the plastic artist Paul Carvajal and confection of the orchestral suite of the film “Al Sur de Granada” (Music by Juan Bardem)

2003·    Production company “El Deseo”. Directed by F. Sabroso & D. Ayuso. Production, supervision and arrangements of the sound track for the film “Descongélate”·    “Avispa Records” orchestration of two themes of Medina Azahara’s record “Aixa” recorded by the Córdoba Orchestra·    Merida Theatre Festival. Director Juan Margallo·    Musical production for the theatre play “La Paz”

2002·    Oriental Dance Company Lenna Beauty. Original music of the show “Mabruk”·    Anthony Blake. Composition of sound track (together with Luis Ibars) of the show “Espíritu”

2001·    Music for FITUR video, Japanese Siatsu School.·    Various spatialisations for the short film “Ciclo”; mix for the theatre play “Vida sexual del español medio” of Las Veneno·    PPPG Kesenian Yogyakarta (Indonesia)·    Music for the theatre play “Don Juan” (Moliere)

2000·    PPPG Kesenian Yogyakarta (Indonesia)·    Music for the theatre play “Doña Rosita” (García Lorca)

1999·    Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN) Production, music arrangements and orchestration for the theatre play “La Visita de la Vieja Dama”·    Alcalá de Henares Film Festival and Experimental Film Festival of Madrid·    Music for the short film “Animal” of Miguel Díez·    Prizes in Alcalá and Experimental Film Festival and nomination for Goya award.·    Fuepalbar Cia. Brussels (Belgium)·    Music for the choreography “Mismorigen”.

1995·    Teatro dei Documenti (Rome) Debut of the work “Endimión y la Luna”·    Academia de España in Roma. Debut of the work “A legno”·    Willibroad Co. (the Netherlands) CD recording of “Re-verse” by José Vicente·    Troupe Castiza, Alfil Theatre, Madrid·    Composition of music for the theatre play “Akabaret con Todas las Purgas” by Eduardo Fuentes

1994·    Instituto Cervantes. Leeds University (UK)·    Debut of the work “Agua Transfigurada” by Juanjo Guillem·    Instituto Cervantes·    UMIST, Manchester (UK)·    Debut of “Between Whistles and Flutes” by Juana and Juanjo Guillem·    Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid. Debut of ”Diario de un Seductor”, “Haiku” and “Música para un aterrizaje Forzoso”.·    Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid. Music for the work “Ante el Retiro” (T. Bernhard)·    Directed by María Ruiz·    Offenburg (Germany) Debut of the work “Triste a su lado”·    Teatro del Sur. Granada. Music for the theatre play “El Ultimo Dios” (García Larrondo)

1993·    Madrid Autumn Festival. Music for the work “Muelle Oeste” (Koltes). Directed by Carmen Portacelli.·    Madrid Autumn Festival. Music for the work “La Habitación Escondida” (E.·    Múgica)

1992·    Teatro Rosaura. Music for the work “Retén” (E. Caballero)

1991·    Albéniz Theatre. Madrid. Music for the work “El Filo de unos Ojos” (I. Martínez dePisón)

1990·    Príncipe Theatre. Gran Vía, Madrid. Music for the work “Gracias Abuela”(S. Junyent)

1988·    Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid. Music for the work "Rinoceronte” (Ionesco).·    The Cuban National Ballet, La Habana. Music for the choreography. “Al Compás”. 50th anniversary of the company.·    Dido Theatre Company. Music for the opera “Dido y Aeneas”·    University of Hong Kong. Debut of the work “Cenit 1342”·    Ysbreker (Amsterdam) Debut of the quintet “B”

1997·    Elche Film Festival. Music for the short film “El Nacimiento de un Imperio”. First prize·    UNESCO. Paris. Spanish representative at the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris with the work “Endimión y la Luna”·    French Institute Madrid. String Quartet for the choreography “Compartir el·    tiempo” (Pablo Molero)·    Bachzaal (Amsterdam) Debut of the work “Decursos”

1996·    Aspen Music Festival (USA) Debut of the work “Selves”·    Bachzaal. (Amsterdam) Monographic Concert: Debut of the works “Two Open·    Piano Pieces”, “Sex Fluctuationis” and “Divertimento”

TEACHING AND WORKSHOPS2007-2008 ·    Higher Music College of Oviedo. Acquires the post of professor specialised in audiovisual composition techniques.

2007 ·    Reina Sofía Art Centre National Museum. CDMC Conference on Midi audiovisual/orchestration preproduction.·    Music College of El Escorial

2005 ·    Higher Music College of Atocha·    Music College of Ronda

2004 ·    Cefore, Avila

2003 ·    Xunta de Galicia CEFORES A Coruña, Vigo, Ferrol, Pontevedra, Lugo, Santiago and Orense·    University of Castilla la Mancha; Albacete and Ciudad Real·    Music College of Getafe, Madrid·    Training courses for teachers of music colleges and/or primary and secondary schools as well as students of music computing.

2002-05 ·    Polimúsica.  Imparts the forums: “DSP’s for Native systems”, “Emulation of Acoustic Instruments with Samplers and MIDI Techniques”, “Logic 5, Novelties”, “Sibelius as composition tool”

2001·    HDM el submarino Conference:”Analysis of the score of Debussy’s Pelleas et Melisande”

2000 ·    PPPG Kesenian (Teacher training centre, Yogyakarta,Indonesia)·    Elaboration of curriculum for music studies in Indonesia.·    Teacher training in the areas of modern harmony, music technology, improvisation and audiovisual music·    Design for equipping the recording studios and libraries of these centres

1999 ·    CPR García Noblejas Madrid·    Course teacher of “Music Computing” for music college teachers.·    Polimúsica Madrid. Course teacher of “20th Century Electroacoustics Music”. Centred on work using the programme Audiosculpt of IRCAM

1998 ·    5th International seminar on the Donosita accordion. Course teacher of “New Rhythmic Techniques”·    Development of the techniques of South Indian classical music.·    Estudio Tres Madrid. Imparts the course: “Rhythm and Movement”·    University of Extremadura. Imparts the course: “Form in composition”. Applied to choreographic composition techniques

1997 ·    Association of Dance Professionals. Madrid. Imparts the course: “Rhythm for Choreographers and Dancers”·    University of Extremadura. Imparts the course. “Advanced Rhythm and Movement Techniques”·    Joaquín Turina Music College. Madrid·    Teacher at the seminar: “Analysis of Spanish Contemporary Music”

1996 ·    3rd International Donosita Accordion Seminar. Imparts the course: “20th Century Music”

1994 ·    International Percussion Seminar of Altea. Presentation: “Notation in 20th Century Music”

















2008 / 2008.02.07. RN3. La Ciudad Invisible (Miguel Gil)

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La Ciudad Invisible, RN3. ELECTROSCHOTIS - Miguel Gil
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2008. Miguel Gil. ELECTROSCHOTIS



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Electroschotis is an electro-acoustic remake of a Schotis with Flamenco elements. It was conceived – among other acousmatic uses – for being amplified through loudspeakers in minaret style in strategic points of the city at dawn, nightfall and midday Fridays. It represents an alternative call (although not exclusive) to the religious call (traditionally in the form of a bell or Adhan) as an invocation to social and racial integration, as well as to civic mindedness and lost hope.















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